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Sometimes the best ideas come from questions… For example:

If you were a hacker who was being followed and you fell off the grid, where would you go?

If you were a shape shifter who stopped being able to shape shift, what practical things (like showering, brushing your teeth, and sleeping) might you not know how to do?

If you were a hero whose nemesis was already dead, where would you funnel your energy? How would you develop?

If you were an airsprite who made a ridiculous amount of mistakes in Book 1, how would your author redeem you in Book 2?

Oh, these and other questions pile up around my desk in figurative clutter. Often when the answers to these questions present themselves, I am filled with astounding energy and passion to write. If solutions don’t come along, I usually end up pounding my head on my desk until they do. A question can be the start of a whole story. But–as I won’t give away anything to those of you who have not yet had time to read through Mark of Orion–I guess examples won’t be forthcoming. To sum up: embrace the power of questions.

To steal a picture from Pinterest…

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