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“I don’t know what people are looking for,” I lamented to my mother in between my sips of coffee and the whir of her blow dryer.

Last night carried us to a movie, where–going beyond my comfort zone entirely–I asked a random teenager to help me. She seemed to have an appreciation for fantasy reading so I gave her my business card in the hopes that she will beta-test Mark of Orion. Now, this morning, my debate still rages inside me. My writing style is a bit strange, so what is it that keeps readers flipping through chapter after chapter?

The blow dryer stops for only a second as my mom answers, “I think people are looking for you.”

The comment is left hanging as the blow dryer turns back on, giving me the same ‘dun, dun, dun’ feeling I hope to end each chapter with. People are looking for me? I guess its true. Writing isn’t mathematics. It’s about heart. In my first book I could not share my heart–just my imagination. But for the second novel I risked it. Feedback tripled in all positive ways as readers felt like they really got to know me through my writing.

So, my fellow writers, don’t be afraid to write who you are and how you like to read. Your readers won’t love you because you hit some stereotype genre to mathematical perfection. They will love you for you–or not at all. And that’s okay too.

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