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We sold more books through our website today than we usually do in rounding up accounts with bookstores. And it feels good. To have money to put into the bank and the hope of recovering costs for Mark of Orion. To have the draft for the next book complete. To live the dream with late-night writing sessions at my local Starbucks and with complete autonomy in what gets published and when.

It feels even better as I read popular young adult fiction. There I discover that my standards for family friendly reading are probably seen as prehistoric confines that we, as a refined society, should shed. Only I won’t be shedding my standards any time soon. And with every story I publish I hope that others will join me in reclaiming their own.

And yet there is the growing, gnawing sense of discomfort with my present reality. It tells me that this section of my life may soon be at its close. It scares me.

Don’t worry, I won’t bid farewell to writing. You can expect to see the completion of The Orion Records before I decide what my writing career will look like as an adult. For now, I cherish the young person’s freedom to keep writing and publishing stories that people love and are influenced by, regardless of a professional publisher’s interest or whims. For now I breathe in my small town life, grateful for extra sunshine and quiet moments to rest. But change… change is coming.

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I feel brittle. As if a little wind could knock me over. So I’ve invested in some much needed R & R, soaking in the saturating heat of a claw-foot bathtub and munching on my favorite lunch: green grapes, cheddar cheese, and Ritz crackers (with a little lemon-ginger tea for good measure). And its good to rest. Good to recover. But life presses on…

I’m still staring at 30,000 words to go, now with only eight days until my revised, revised, revised deadline. Oh golly. As I said before, this is a novel of fits and starts. My spirit, my creativity seem to have been put on ice. But I will conquer. It is a story worth telling. A story I–at the very least–need to hear. So back to work I go. And, if only in my mind and not quite in my frozen heart, I have a renewed sense of purpose.

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Hello Wednesday. You’re already much more steady than yesterday. Thank you for that gift. Now that I have my breath back, let me explain a little of what happened.

In the midst of the highs and lows of yesterday, (1) a truck at the post office decided to try to run me over. I had to run to keep my legs. This is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. In other news, (2) I got my first letter from a publisher seeking me out. It certainly was no offer of publication, nor is it a company I would ever choose to go with, but the offer should be the beginning of a chain reaction. And it was very thrilling and honoring to receive. (3) I’m also learning French. I’ll spend nearly ninety days studying so that I can perhaps use it for the three days I’ll be in Paris. But hey. I love language. It feeds my brain as nothing as else does. And if you’ve read Mark of Orion, you know that Evie hails from France so it could work out very well for the novelist in me too. (4) Yesterday also contained a canceled Starbucks meeting with a friend. While I was sad not to get to see her, I very much enjoyed the extra downtime. I spent a large portion of it doing research for the group meeting I had in the evening at my church, but I sneaked in a little time for McMillion and Wife–my recent Netflix kick.

Further details would just bore you, so I’ll stick with what I’ve mentioned. As for today, its full of tea and firesides and writing and strictly taking all the supplements that will make me stronger. It’s got extra rest in its margins and opportunities galore for me to catch my breath. It is a good day.

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Two Sources of Rest

I spent a lovely last evening hanging with some friends I do not get to see enough. That is the thing about good friends, you never get to see them enough.

So even though I was in the pre-stages of the cold going around and could have used the rest, I dragged myself to my feet and enjoyed my evening. By the time I got home I knew that I needed my rest. I determined to sleep in and get back to work this afternoon. It was absolutely the right call.

Rest is important. Sometimes it comes through sleep; sometimes through fellowship with good friends. Sometimes it comes from both sources.

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