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I’ve lived somewhere else lately, on the border between Xsardis’ illuminescent forest and a place called the 17th Realm. Both have their own kind of a magic and, I admit, I have liked my fictional reality better than the real reality around me. Not that real reality is any too shabby. Life is brimming with potential. It’s just that, the potential… well, it alarms me.

Weeks of the final push on not one but two novels (yes, that’s right. I finished another one last weekend–just five days after bidding farewell to Rise of the Dark Sprite) have necessitated a blissful break from social engagements or even checking my email. And, while I thoroughly enjoyed this creatively-mandated repose, I can’t help but feel terribly, terribly behind. So I’m back to checking my email and blogging and banking and accomplishing little and big tasks alike. I’ve got a solitary day in which I am able to work before I pack up for a long weekend in Florida to celebrate my cousin’s graduation. Florida. Sunshine. (Why, yes, it did snow last weekend on the family farm.)

Meanwhile, I’m trying to descend slowly from the mountaintop of creativity, energy, and enthusiasm that led to so much writing. (Over the week, I set a personal word count record of well-more than fifty thousand words.) After five novels, I’m pretty used to this process (including post-novel depression which is, sadly, quite real). My mind knows better than to keep spinning, trying to improve characters and clarify plots. On the other hand, my creativity–and its mighty muses–are not so sure they are ready for a break. The result? With no other outlet for the imagination, creativity strikes my dreams and makes them… strange. Like last night’s, in which I escaped a war-zone only to be dragged across the border into a cult. It was not awesome.

(Blog Bonus Feature: If no one has warned you, fellow writer, about the vividness of your dreams and their ability to grip you long past the alarm clock’s interruption, consider this your warning. Also note that the same prowess that allows you to craft realistic characters can alter your loved ones’ personalities in the dreams until they utterly terrify or excite you.)

But I digress.

Life. It’s full of potential that manages to thrill and scare me simultaneously. But what kind of adventure would life be if it didn’t? Any good roller coaster has to cause your mind to waver on the border between certainty of your demise and certainty that you will fly. As for me, I plan to fly.

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I am sitting with a cup of coffee I don’t have time to nurse along. The burners in my kitchen provide a little immediate warmth for this unexpected stop at my house. See, my body came home in the airplane, but my mind… well, that’s a different story.

It all started when I woke up this morning. My brain said, “If you try to edit, I won’t let you understand a word you read.” And my body–not to be outdone–quipped, “You think you can stand up? Just try it. I’ll make you regret it.” So, I stayed under my covers with a less labor-involved novel. Eventually, I dragged myself through the shower and ambled down the stairs to find my mother engaged in a battle with a squirrel. This unwelcome guest has been making our heating ducts his abode.

Distracted (can you blame me?) and not having that much mind to work with in the first place, I headed out the door for the first of two appointments. The first, PT. The second, a follow-up for my pricey mouth-guard. And what had I–of course–forgotten? That’s right. The mouth guard. So after a lovely hour spent chatting with my physical therapist to distract me from the soaring pain (my own fault for skipping PT for two weeks to be jostled by a roller coaster), I jumped in my car to head home and pick up my mouth guard. And I figured that since I had some dead time, I might as well blog this strange morning for you–so that you could see just how normal my life really is even in a week of print deadlines. And so that you could enjoy a post of grammar-breaking, run-on sentences…

IMG_3266We cannot blame the roller coasters for the loss of all my brain cells, any more than we can blame them for causing my neck muscles to tighten to the point where my physical therapist guessed I had a nausea-causing migraine. This is, doubtless, in a large part the fault of Space Mountain, perhaps even my beloved yeti-ride (Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom), and the pressure changes of airplanes. But, more to the point, we can lay some blame to the worthwhile adventures of yesterday.

See, I allowed my sister to lead me to the family farm in Topsfield after reading this text, “Yes, we’d be riding in a dump truck (you could check that off your life to-do list).” And, although we sadly did not end up taking the dump truck, we did spend the day watching an old Adventure in Odyssey movie, fixing up walls, and taking down wallpaper that had the resilience of Godzilla. By three, Kate, her husband, and I had crashed in the living room in whatever positions we had fallen for an unanticipated, but thoroughly-enjoyed, afternoon nap. I used to dream about being strong enough to take down wallpaper. And now that I am–irregardless of how much it hurts–I will enjoy every moment of being able to join the labor of love with my family to restore the old homestead. Even as my headache fades thanks to the work of my physical therapist, I rejoice in the healing that God has begun.

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