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Oh I do love the open road. Nevertheless, my brain was the consistency of jello when I finally made it to New York. It was not today’s drive that killed me. It was the drive to and from New York on Tuesday, followed by this drive, that nearly sucked all my capacity for logical thought away. So, like any sane person, as I ransacked my sister Julie’s cabinets for food I settled on chocolate chip pancakes. They may not have been the best choice for food to follow up the three cups of coffee (one was decaf) I had tapped into on the drive, but oh they were good!

Listening to sermons in the car is a great way to pass the time, learn some good things, and keep your mind in a solid place. There is no telling what big thoughts will pop into a person’s head as they sit all alone in a car… My pastor’s sermons are all online and I downloaded several onto my iPod before leaving home, along with a new CD to keep me company.  So, with less near-death experiences than I usually face on a short drive in Bangor (we Mainers are crazy drivers), I made it to Nyack, New York in one piece. Tomorrow: Virginia.

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