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This weekend was Captain America 2 (twice) and God’s not dead (once) and book reading and sleeping and a couple of friends. Its the end of a brilliantly busy week. I wish I could stay in my big new bed and take a nice, long nap, but I’m off in just a few minutes. To run to Starbucks and meet a friend I have not seen in a couple months. And, yes, it will be worth the sacrificed nap.

So I don’t have much brain power for this Sunday afternoon blog post, but I wanted to write… well, something. Something to prove that my fingers still work and that my mind has a little capability left. Maybe not much, but a little.

I cannot give you spoilers for either movie, except to say that God’s not dead is actually worth your time. I had low expectations and went mostly just to support the Christian movie industry, but I was pleasantly surprised by the acting and plot twists. So go, if you haven’t.

As for me, if I stay on my bed any longer my eyes will close, my laptop will fall, and my coffee-buddy will find herself waiting for a friend who never shows up. So off I go…

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