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Have you ever had a slump of reading books? You have borrowed copies piling up high in your bookshelf, desk, cupboards, and eventually floors, but you still can’t force yourself to read those usually beautiful words on the page? I can’t identify why books seem to be a lost art to me, but they most certainly are.

I don’t remember ever having a slump like this before. Perhaps slumps occurred when I had nothing to read but non-fiction, but never when I have had exciting books in my possession. Really, I need to read them and give them back to their owners. But every time I open the page it seems as if they speak a different language. As if they no longer are meant for me. Even recently released books in series I love haven’t made it onto the Christmas list. I have truly and completely lost my love of reading.


In the mean time my creativity, with nowhere else to visit, causes my dreams to get stranger and stranger. That horrible rendition of “I’m not going to graduate college because I forgot about one of my classes for a whole semester” felt like it lasted for more than an hour. That dream was followed by wardrobe malfunctions and surrounded by other, nastier dreams. Evidently, I need to find a positive way to release the creativity pent up inside me.

I remember falling in love with reading. It was Dickens’ fault, aided by my sister Julie who just kept pushing books my way until one stuck. Thank goodness for her. And for David Copperfield. Hours and hours of blissful escape followed, as I delved into works as weathered as Austen’s and as fresh as Riordan’s.These books taught me how to harness the imagination and their characters granted me some of my best childhood friends.┬áSo how is it possible for me to have lost the love of reading? I’m not sure, but here is the consoling and final word on the matter:

Slumps don’t last.


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