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The frost heaves have left pits that could eat small cars. So much for driving in your lane. People cross at any time, more afraid of the race of giant, invading potholes than of other vehicles. What begins as cleansing rain lasts only long enough to wash the world in mud, but not long enough to remove the snow–which , by the way, it turns into during the later part of the day. The piles of snow are so high, the mud is so thick, and the trees so barren that it seems the sun will choose not to bring summer this year.

This is Maine. Red brick building against red brick building in Downtown, where a post office and a sheriffs’ department share an overcrowded parking lot and Stephen King’s two-housed mansion juts out on a street only a few houses up from mega drug busts. Yes. With all of its strangeness, this is home.

And I’ll miss it, if I ever leave. The booming metropolis that is seen as the appearance of Buffalo Wild Wing’s next to Hobby Lobby. The wild extravagance that is recognized as Starbucks. The mega church that is a couple hundred people. The weather that is only cold if it is below zero, not below freezing. I breathe in deeply, glad to have known this place, these people, this pace. But ready… oh so ready for change. It sings sings to me in the wind threatening to knock me over–or at least pull my scarf off. It whispers in the penetrating warmth of my fireside. It shouts in the morning as I rise to do my daily routine. Yet, routine, family, life here is so very good and sweet and deep.

Last Friday my coworker invited me to a concert. It was lovely. Not just because Phil Wickham is extremely talented and is one of realest, nicest artists I have ever discovered, but because I was able to enjoy time with a blossoming friend and, with her, true worship of my God. This is Maine too. More than strange contradictions and epic coldness. It is beautiful people, sincere friendship, and warm appreciation of the slower, truer parts of life. Oh, Maine… I’m glad I’ve known you.

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I miss my constant evergreen trees, the truthful sky, wider lanes and less trafficked roads of beautiful Maine! The constellation Orion would typically stand right in-between some trees and my garage so that when I would get back late I would feel as if he was saying goodnight and making sure I got home safe. My nephew’s sweet voice still rings out in my mind and his gentle rubbing of my back when I felt ill–at two years old. My parents workplace four minutes down the road just past Stephen King’s house. Watch out for the tourists! They don’t know how to drive. I miss the lady at Dunkin Donuts and at Angelo’s Pizzeria. I miss my brother’s hugs and my father’s jokes.

Even so dorm life has its perks. Its like inheriting a large group of sisters! I enjoy a fast-paced life and I certainly have that. I am getting to know a different culture–helpful for broadening my writing perspective. I found a church home, I think, which is awesome to get connected with. And anyone from Maine can comprehend how nice it is to be sweating in shorts every day at the end of September.

When you go off to college, just be cautioned: it will not be what you were expecting. It could be better or it could be worse but things level out. If not from your classes or chapel or church or friends, just from living on your own in a new environment you will learn a lot. Hang in there!

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