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I am at 41,073 words at only twenty-three days into the NaNoWriMo challenge. I am so close to the end that I can taste it. Of course, this is not a particularly high word count for a supposedly-full-time-writer, but considering the equal parts law firm, publishing, and writing life that I have I guess I am doing okay. Nor will 50,000 words be the end of my journey into the Lure of Lemons. No. It feels much more like the beginning. But I am nearly at the blissful end of the challenge.

There is something brilliant about having to challenge yourself to write everyday. Still, I think that perhaps my ability to see ahead and to write with actual talent may be suffering. So while NaNo was fun, I may opt out of the WriMo life next year. We will see. For this year, it was exactly the push I needed to get back into writing after months of editing. Maybe it will be useful again next year.

I am looking forward to the end. To find time to re-read and fix and sharpen what I have written. To gain new perspective on where I have been and where I am going. To enjoy storyboarding and to capture inspiration by reading again. Yes, I anticipate the end of 50,000 words. So why is it so hard to put the remaining 8,927 words on the figurative paper?

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I fell back in love with my series yesterday. Finally.

It was a good deal of work to tread through the first eight chapters of my sequel, sorting details and setting up a continuation of the story. I had lost sight of what made my cast unique, had failed to keep the details straight, had misplaced the time to storyboard before drafting, and had generally been feeling quite yucky about the whole ‘Lure of Lemons’ sequel idea.

So yucky that I was beginning to think that I needed to being write two series at once. I may still do this. It might be a good way to keep my brain ever-challenged and allow creativity to have its natural ebbs and flows in each story. It would look something like this: write Book 1 in Series A, write Book 1 in Series B, write Book 2 in Series A, write Book 2 in Series B. As far as the validity of this style, we will just have to test it out and see.

In the meantime, I will enjoy falling back in love with Pallen and Cressa and Marcus. Finding solace in the crazy moments of life by their sides and expression I can’t find with my words in theirs.

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