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Regrettably for my parents, not one of their children has managed to keep their birthdays straight. It’s not our faults, really. The dates are back-to-back. The 14th and the 15th. Easily inverted. Especially when you add family birthdays on the 13th, the 17th, and the 20th. Throw in Christmas, New Years, and my brother’s anniversary, all following on the figurative heels of Thanksgiving, and December becomes one giant month of cake. Not to say that is a bad thing.

There was something special about heading into the theater to see the Hobbit Saturday night. We said “Happy birthday, Dad” on the way in (9:30)and “Happy birthday, Mom” on the way out (12:30). We ate stir-fry for him Saturday and on Sunday braved the storm and ate lunch out to celebrate her. And in between all these festivities my mom and I (with Sister Kate on Sunday) baked for two days straight. I am not sure it is humanly possible for a family our size to eat the number of cookies we have in production for the holidays. We shall try nobly anyway.

And so it is that Christmas and snow are upon us. I am thankful for a coat that literally zips up above my eyebrows and for a family to play with and love with and celebrate with.

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Did you know that family can be quite absorbing? I lost myself in them this week. From the Wednesday of pie making with my sisters to the Thursday of Thanksgiving and pie eating and super hero games to the Friday of Christmas Tree Hunting, this week went up there in my all time favorites list.


Our house was constantly brimming with people. Like on Monday when new friends came over in staggered doses through the day. And on Wednesday when my sister’s buddy from New York arrived by plane to spend the holiday with us.


Of course, the week would not have been complete without not one but two viewings of the new Disney epic: Frozen. You have heard the buzz by now. You do not need another person telling you to stop reading blogs and Facebook statuses and get to the theater, but–just to be on the safe side–I figure I should add my recommendation: go see Frozen. Not later on. Get up. Right now. And go to the theater.


It took some doing after all that family and fun to turn my focus back to writing. A several day break left me with just enough time to finish NaNoWriMo–which I did. But not before attending a book signing at Lamb’s Book & Bible for Mark of Orion. It was a good week. And now I am glad for a day of rest! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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I failed at initiating dialogue between my characters yesterday. But–strangely for me–I succeeded at beginning a developmental outline. I’m thinking I will put my focus there for one more day. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow anyway. I will begin my effort to write three pages a day as I make my way to New York. My mom and Sister Kate will join me on a road trip to see Sister Julie (perhaps) one last time in the big city.

I can’t say my spirits are high for the trip. The reality that my sister is leaving the country brings tears to my eyes at all the most random times. Even though we will see her a few more times as she journeys home for my book release, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I’m afraid this will feel like goodbye.

Despite the bittersweet the first of the month will bring, I like November. Tall boots are completely in fashion. Warm coats are finally acceptable. Big movies start encouraging friends to hang out again. November also brings us dangerously close to Christmas. It allows us to celebrate Thanksgiving, search for holiday decorations on discount, and–gasp–listen to Christmas music. It is a wonderful month. It is good to be brought together as a family, to remember the goodness of God as we stare into the innocent eyes of nephews and remember the beauty of Christmases past and praise the King of kings for coming as an infant to save our souls.

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Today was a day full of irony, but it was an ‘in-joke-with-myself’ kind of irony and not worthy of writing down. Suffice it to say, I mostly laughed about the strange things that happened. My homework for the day… Well, it was minimal. I mostly wrote–which is ever so pleasant. I have been hammering through some plot-line issues and feel like I am making true progress on my new novel.

I met the most pleasant person today. We talked for all of sixty seconds, but you could just see the presence of gratitude and peace in her life. I want to live like that. So here is my gratitude for the day. Thankful for:

1. Apple pie for breakfast

2. The ability to take it slow when  I was not feeling well

3. My beautiful Christmas tree

4. A laptop that is working again

5. A blazing fire

6. A flexible family

7. Good memories of Thanksgiving week

8. The remaining cheeses and crackers sent to me by a loving person in New York

9. Photographic evidence of the fun of Thanksgiving week

10. Besting my desire to call everyone a ‘hedgehog’ like my nephews do

11. A dad who sent me an “I love you a lot” text three times in a row

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With the holidays approaching, my sister Kate and I were talking about what this year might look like for our family. With three kids out of the house, Christmas and Thanksgiving are not as simple as they once were. It is interesting to find out that while I loved Christmas and disliked Thanksgiving, she loved Thanksgiving. Her favorite time was cooking with my mom. My favorite part about Christmas was seeing everyone in their pajamas (with all the comfort and happiness implied in that).

Kids see things differently. Those differences of perspectives are the personalities that make stories and life so interesting. Use those differences to make the characters more diverse. Just a thought for writers out there…

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