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Beyond the rusty gate, within the rich dwelling, asleep on his bed, lays an orphan. Extraordinarily tall, with strange designs on his arms and the mark of Orion on his back, he knows nothing about the danger creeping towards his house or the adventure that is about to steal his life. Join new friends and see the elements of Xsardis in Mark of Orion (to be released Thanksgiving, 2013), by Jessie Mae Hodsdon. Solve the mystery of The Orion Group. Understand Issym’s cautionary words to the heroes of Xsardis that you read in ‘The Man in the Attic’ short story. And enter a new world of wonder that is closer to home than you might think.

Mark of Orion Chapter 1


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The Man in the Attic Part 6

Well, friends, we have completed the short story, but you may be wondering what’s coming next. Never fear, Mark of Orion is coming. You have questions. The Orions have answers. Check out chapter 1 of the book to be released Thanksgiving 2013 by checking back tomorrow.

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I finally have all the deadlines for college sorted out. I graduate February 18th. Knowing the deadlines makes graduation seem actually real. Between the joy of writing this short story and working with my new novel, Mark of Orion, I am all-too-ready to begin my adventures as a full-time writer. So without further introduction, here is part two of ‘The Man in the Attic’–the Christmas short featuring characters from The Xsardis Chronicles.

The Man in the Attic Part 2

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on yesterday’s portion of ‘The Man in the Attic’! Help us spread the news about the Xsardis Chronicles through your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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It has arrived!

“Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays…” Now, Xsardis fans, you can go home. Below find the first link to my six part short story featuring characters of the Xsardis Chronicles on a holiday adventure. Check back each day for a new portion of the story. It all leads up to the Christmas Day release of the first chapter of Mark of Orion, my new book (coming out Thanksgiving 2013).

Rebirth Publishing and Jessie Mae Hodsdon wish you a very merry Christmas!

The Man in the Attic Part 1


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