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I finally have all the deadlines for college sorted out. I graduate February 18th. Knowing the deadlines makes graduation seem actually real. Between the joy of writing this short story and working with my new novel, Mark of Orion, I am all-too-ready to begin my adventures as a full-time writer. So without further introduction, here is part two of ‘The Man in the Attic’–the Christmas short featuring characters from The Xsardis Chronicles.

The Man in the Attic Part 2

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on yesterday’s portion of ‘The Man in the Attic’! Help us spread the news about the Xsardis Chronicles through your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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Get up, go to class, have lunch, go to  class, edit, do homework, go to dinner, do homework, edit, do homework, sleep. Repeat! Sometimes add an exciting trip to Walmart! Where does hanging out fit in? While we eat and do homework.

There was this strange myth in my mind that at college I would have a big block of time for homework and classes, fit in another block of time for the Xsardis Chronicles and Rebirth Publishing, then spend my remaining time hanging out. The reality is that I have a huge block for homework, a little block for Rebirth (which by no means gets everything done) and a very little time for hanging out. But this actually works for me. Too much socializing wears me out. Writing/publishing does that much less. Writing is a good outlet. Productivity makes me feel better. If I had the time to hang out with people who reminded me of home, I think that I would be much more homesick.

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