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I finally have all the deadlines for college sorted out. I graduate February 18th. Knowing the deadlines makes graduation seem actually real. Between the joy of writing this short story and working with my new novel, Mark of Orion, I am all-too-ready to begin my adventures as a full-time writer. So without further introduction, here is part two of ‘The Man in the Attic’–the Christmas short featuring characters from The Xsardis Chronicles.

The Man in the Attic Part 2

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on yesterday’s portion of ‘The Man in the Attic’! Help us spread the news about the Xsardis Chronicles through your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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I read on a Twitter page from 1057 Solution FM (the radio station in my home town) that it might snow in northern Maine. Here in South Carolina it is so beautiful that I am thinking about going to a lake. This makes me smile. In six days I’ll be back in the freezing cold. My mom has promised to meet me at the airport with a jacket because I am already used to the weather down here.

When my roommate and I got out of chapel today we had no more classes, so we decided we would go out for some very cheap, but good, chinese food and do the ever-necissary and ever-fun Walmart run. It is good to spend one on one time with her. Groups settings are cool, but you really get to know someone in the one-on-one. That’s my advice right now for college students. The dynamics of a group are completely different. Get one person and do something!

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