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Questions: I want to follow the rules of publishing. What do I need to know?

Answer: Good question! Publishing can be an industry that is difficult to learn. We have our own rules, piles of them. Even if you don’t ignore them, we might ignore you. And if you do ignore them, we will most certainly ignore you! Terrible, right?

So is there are place where the mystical realm of¬†publishing is explained for us? Yes! Its called The Everything Get Published Book. I recieved it for Christmas one year and learned most of my basic knowledge from it. It is well worth the investment, if you want to be a writer (even if you don’t feel up to¬†writing a book yet). Get to know the industry through this book. It is worth the time.

Here are the basics I can tell you in the length of this post:

1. Check out the publisher’s submission guidelines. Go to their website. You might have to click on ‘contact us’ or some similar guidelines, but all publishers have submission guidelines. Follow them. If they say submit a querry letter, then do NOT send the whole manuscript. Instead, research how to write a querry letter and send that in. If they say you need an agent and you don’t have one, find one or do not submit to them. Earning their respect is your first mission. Following their rules is how you do that.

2. Never, ever, tell a publisher you will not send them your book because you don’t trust them. If you don’t trust them, don’t use them as your publisher. It frustrates and offends publishers to hear that you would waste their time when you don’t even trust them. It is the mark of a novice. And good news: your work is copyrighted the moment you put it on paper! So be confident.

3. Know who your audience is. This can be easy. Ask a variety of people you know to read it and give you general feedback. See who enjoys it the most and why. You will learn your audience from their reactions. I marketedIssymfor pre-teens because that was where we received our best early feedback.


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