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Well, folks, it happened. The well of creativity overflowed. I’ve spent sleepless nights and groggy days in a state of writing bliss. I admit that while I was blogging about the certainty of eventual inspiration for my climax, I felt anything but certain. But it worked. My crazy, weird routine worked.

Talking with a fellow creative after church this morning, I found support for the need to throw out the rule book. But I liked his point. That we have to understand the rules’ purpose and give them a fair shot before we put them in the trash bin. If I needed confirmation that the Jessie Mae Writing Guidebook (I like that name better. I’m renaming it.) should find its way to the blogosphere, I have it.

But let’s backtrack a little. To Topsfield Maine, where I spent Thursday evening through Saturday. It houses the family farm, an hour north of Lincoln–a town whose recent addition of a Dunkin’ Donuts closes at the same time as its Walmart: 9:00 PM. Sharp.

Bye, bye civilization. But the stillness; the lack of wifi; and the nearness of the coffee pot… it was all what I needed to make my final push. My parents, my wonderful parents, asked me to do absolutely nothing the whole time. They brought me coffee and listened to my weird music and didn’t try suggesting I should sleep. My brother–who came up with his kids on Saturday–encouraged me just as fiercely. Each felt the surge of writing in me and respected it. I adore them all.

And so, a dozen cups of coffee and twenty thousand words later (I’m already fifteen thousand words over my hopeful end point), I find myself a mere few chapters from finishing. Will it happen today? I left my sister/her baby and even forewent my nephew’s second seventh birthday party (the second round of celebrating year 7) in the hopes that I will, indeed, finish. I claimed a table at Starbucks, bought some iced coffee, and plugged in The Piano Guys. Because this is routine and, if the last twenty thousand words have showed me anything, it is that the method in my madness works.

So let’s hope I finish soon, because you–and all my friends and family–probably won’t hear from me again until I do.

Blog Bonus Feature: My virtual notebook is chocked full of character facts and plot problems. It keeps me organized. Good solutions will earn a happy face. Bad solutions are getting a frowny face today.

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I read on a Twitter page from 1057 Solution FM (the radio station in my home town) that it might snow in northern Maine. Here in South Carolina it is so beautiful that I am thinking about going to a lake. This makes me smile. In six days I’ll be back in the freezing cold. My mom has promised to meet me at the airport with a jacket because I am already used to the weather down here.

When my roommate and I got out of chapel today we had no more classes, so we decided we would go out for some very cheap, but good, chinese food and do the ever-necissary and ever-fun Walmart run. It is good to spend one on one time with her. Groups settings are cool, but you really get to know someone in the one-on-one. That’s my advice right now for college students. The dynamics of a group are completely different. Get one person and do something!

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Get up, go to class, have lunch, go to  class, edit, do homework, go to dinner, do homework, edit, do homework, sleep. Repeat! Sometimes add an exciting trip to Walmart! Where does hanging out fit in? While we eat and do homework.

There was this strange myth in my mind that at college I would have a big block of time for homework and classes, fit in another block of time for the Xsardis Chronicles and Rebirth Publishing, then spend my remaining time hanging out. The reality is that I have a huge block for homework, a little block for Rebirth (which by no means gets everything done) and a very little time for hanging out. But this actually works for me. Too much socializing wears me out. Writing/publishing does that much less. Writing is a good outlet. Productivity makes me feel better. If I had the time to hang out with people who reminded me of home, I think that I would be much more homesick.

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