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It was a wonderful weekend, with a Monday holiday I had completely forgotten about as a smashing finale. Between the bonfire at my sister’s place Saturday night where I made a new friend and reconnected with some old ones, to the early morning sunrise service followed by gourmet breakfast on Easter Sunday, to the extra rest that I sorely needed, it was a weekend for which I am truly grateful.

And, yes, my Christmas/winter village did JUST come down today. But since there is still snow on the ground outside I refuse to apologize. Time was finally our ally today and we made good use of it. The village is down; my websites have received a much needed bump; and the wood pile is brimming to the top. Yes, extra days off are a wonderful thing.

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What should I be doing right now? Writing my midterm paper or a variety of other school/work projects. I tried this morning. And I got some good work done. But my heart and my mind and my creativity are always with this novel I am working on. It is not even a book I want to release for several years, but my imagination doesn’t seem to care.

So as I listen to Pandora’s ‘Film Scores Radio’, I compose my own tale. The characters, the voice, the adventure, the mystery all seems to be falling into place in a way that it has not since I wrote Issym (or maybe never). What a joy to write on days like these!

I love connecting creatively with my nephew Silas. My winter village is still up since I have been gone, the snow has lingered, and the basement is not quite ready to embrace my pieces. Silas and I walked its center aisle yesterday and he asked me questions about who lived in the houses. We imagined together and it was sweet and good. Some moments you just want to stay in forever and that was one!

And in other news, the Bangor Public Library has purchased two copies of the Xsardis Chronicles. Hooray! So if you have been waiting to read them, request them now!

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